Post Production

Our team get to work to make your production special.

Post Production

Last but certainly not least, post production. Here, our post production artists will get to work putting those final glistening touches to your work to give it a highly professional aesthetic. Together, our in-house team of editors, designers and animators will polish and grade the footage so it’s more than ready to be enjoyed by your audience. Plus, we’ll send work in progress footage every step of the way before we get that final sign off to go live.

Visual Effects

You know those design wizards who add graphics to Hollywood films and make buildings appear out of thin air? Well, we’ve got our own in-house VFX specialists who can handle any level of animation you need. Whether it’s retouching shots or building in new elements, animating entire landscapes or simply tidying up the graphics, our post production video services will cover everything you need and more.


Once the footage is back at Tristar Television from the shoot, the post production editing can begin. We’ll assign an editor to cut all the shots together into a timeline of your film. We’ll send you offline versions of the film to approve along the way and once you’re happy, we can start thinking about adding some colour and those final finishing touches. Our editors are accustomed to delivering films to whatever spec you need.


Sound is one of those underestimated things in the production process which can be just as important to get right as the edit itself. We’ll source the music and we’ll make sure all the audio is up to the highest quality. Any bumps in the road? No problem – we’ll smooth them out so the finished film sounds tip top. And, if you need a voice-over, we’ll take care of that too.


Before we hit the button that sends the final film to you, we’ll find the perfect grader to give your film that last bit of magic. We’ll work with you to find a colour and tone that fits your film and that your audience will love. Whether it’s social content or a full 30-second TVC, our grader will make it gleam.


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