About Us

Tristar has been producing TV commercials for over twenty years

Our team have over 50 years of combined experience

Tristar’s 1,600 square foot fully equiped film studio has been used by many major production organisations including Universal Music and BBC’s Countryfile. Several scenes from the Independent film ‘The Escapist’ starring Joseph Fiennes were also shot here.

The studio is also home to all of Tristar’s own studio and product shoots.

The unique space can be transformed to shoot anything from a one to one interview to a multi-camera live product demonstration. Frequently used for chromakey work, the studio encompasses infinity curves at floor and ceiling height making it ideal for any kind of productions which include state of the art CGI backgrounds.

At Tristar we approach production differently. Unlike other companies, we have everything under one roof.

Our in-house team is made up of multi-skilled professionals including: Producers, Directors, scriptwriters, storyboard artists, editors, film, sound and lighting crew. We also work with top international award winning Directors.

From writing the concept, getting it cleared by clearcast right through the casting and production process, filming in our own studios or on location, editing, music, voice-over and even uploading to the channels, we take care of everything in-house.

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Hollywood Quality Without The Hollywood Price

Tristar TV films on RED 6K the Hollywood blockbuster standard.

No other UK based production company can match our RED 6k cameras.

Click “Shot on Red” and take a look at some of the well known Hollywood Movies that were shot with the same camera used in our studio.

"Nothing Makes Our Clients Message Clearer Than The High Definition Of RED"